Sometimes it’s hard to find the Gold Lining in a bad situation but then I remember that lemonade is really nice (life gives you lemons etc etc-you get it)

youtube gals

So here it goes…I’m pretty Happy because 
1. Pillow cinemas and Hot Tub cinemas are preparing to launch a permanent cinema. You can check out my interview with Asher here on Hoxton radio:

2. I’ve just found out that you can eat the stone inside an avocado! WHATTTT why did nobody ever tell me this?!

3. I spent two days at Youtube this week meeting so pretty awesome you tubers and learning how to Build My Channel so I’m getting ready to upload some cool covers as well as some original tracks for you guys! Thanks for having me Youtube. Watch This Space 🙂

P.S thanks Jamie Jones for giving Nathan Barato and I your top slot on your Beatport playlist for our track ‘Talk On’. Honoured 🙂

Track of the week: Going Old Skool with Bondax’s Remix of No Diggity