It’s Spring Everyone. YASSSS as my friend Zaz would say!

I can see the Gold Lining already, I can actually physically see it shining through my window in the form of the sun. It’s real. The dark days are over.

My Gold Lining List:

1.I’m in the very important process of choosing which Easter Egg I want. The importance of this decision should not be underestimated and I am open to suggestions.

2.It’s Spring. This means that everyone is entitled to a Spring Fling, purely because it rhymes. (I can see you nodding your head in agreement.)

3. My life is now complete because I can eat the rainbow, quite literally. YASSSS!!

bagels.png @TheSashaBrown

Track of the Week: Toyboy & Robin Don’t Just Say

Lastly check out Hot Creations video clip to my new track! Talk On-Nathan Barato Feat Sasha Brown 

Talk On! #nathanbarato ft Sasha Brown. #wobbletalkep #HotCreations #fridayvibes

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