So I’ve decided to start a blog, namely cos all the cool kids are doing it.

GOLD LINING is the name because firstly it’s the title of my new track being released in the next few months with German producers  Verbund West but mostly because the inspiration for writing the track is apt to this blog- finding the good in each day.

A few months ago my little brother told me about this talk he had to go to at school about happiness.

BASICS-note down 3 good things every day. Tadaa!

I love lists. Everyone loves a list so here it goes.

1. I learnt to Bunny Hop in Pilates. For all you Pilates experts, I expect you’re patting me on the back as we speak. For those of you who find the term ‘Bunny Hop’ an alien concept, let’s just say I mastered the art of hopping like a bunny…Nailed it.

2. I met my new guitarist Mario-he’s awesome and I can’t wait to start performing live with him!

3. I’m sipping (chugging) a glass of wine as we speak. Friday night sorted.

Track of the week: DUA LIPA-BE THE ONE . She’s so awesome and she’s signed to the same management as Lana Del Ray!